(delivered via E-mail, bought online or at a local outlet)

Mobile Tickets
(delivered via SMS-Txt; where available)

Thermal Receipt Tickets
(printed on-site at one of our many Local Outlets in various regions)

Hard-Stock Tickets
(traditional; with or without Barcode/QR code, standard or custom designs/colors available)


Real-Time Scanning
with live capacity monitoring (check-in at the Gate via our USB hand-held scanners (0.3 seconds /per ticket /per scan)

Online Forms
Registration and/or Donation forms or Questionnaires

Pre-approved VAT tickets
(if applicable, in some regions)

Real-Time Sales Stats
for both Local Outlets sales and Online sales


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center; color: #efefef;”>NEW! Membership Access Cards
for multiple events/entries (customized)

NEW! Use your iPhone camera
to scan/check-in patrons at the gate

NEW! Augmented-Reality APP
for your posters/flyers, and more…

NEW! Hidden Tickets
for Travel Agencies purposes

COMING SOON! Thermal Wristbands
(optional scannable Barcode)